About Pip Smith

Author of Half Wild (A&U, 2017) and Too Close for Comfort (SUP, 2013). Writer and seller of books by day. Singer and strummer of guitars in garage band Imperial Broads by night. 

In the not terribly distant past I ran the monthly short story night Penguin Plays Rough out of an apartment, a warehouse, a former courthouse, a fortress, assorted libraries and art galleries in and around Sydney. A few friends and I put together an anthology of the best stories told at the event, and I still have many hundreds holding up the walls of my apartment (email me if you want one!). Later years have seen the publication of poetry collections How to Reason with Snakes and Too Close for Comfort, while 2017 saw the publication of my first novel, Half Wild (Allen & Unwin).

For writing gigs, please contact Grace Heifetz: grace @ curtisbrown.com.au.