2012 had been a rough year for me. After the death of my best friend, an untimely breakup and co-directing the all-consuming National Young Writers Festival, I had a lot of pent up energy that needed to find a release. I contacted the editor of the Lifted Brow and suggested I write a poem a day for their website for 90 days. Somewhat bizarrely, he said Sure thing, go for it, and so, over the summer of 2012 - 2013 I spent 3 - 4 hours every day writing and re-writing what became a colelction of 90 poems. A few months later I submited the 30 best poems to the Helen Ann Bell poetry award. Somewhat bizarrely again, I won the award, and the publication of this slim volume was the result. Inside are many angry, angular explosions of energy, and strange imaginings. They are a snapshot of a summer at the end of my 20s, and a homage to my dear friend Tim Crew, who left this world too soon.