A Note on Pronouns

Unfortunately, there are no adequate pronouns in the English language with which to refer to someone of indeterminate gender. In this blog, I have made the decision to refer to Falleni as a ‘he’ when he passed as Harry Crawford, and to refer to Falleni as a ‘she’ when she passed as Tally Ho, Nina, or Jean Ford. When negotiating the border between ‘his’ passing and the ‘revelation’ of ‘her’ sex by the police, I have used others’ perceptions of Falleni’s gender to determine which pronoun to use, as so much of my treatment of Falleni’s story has to do with the ‘collapsing down’ that takes place when one is observed by external subjectivities. When referring to Falleni as a collective or singular identity, I have settled on the first person plural pronoun.  I have tried, where possible, to refer to Eugenia Falleni as Falleni, for its gender-neutrality, although when discussing Falleni in the context of their family home (rife with Fallenis) I have used their given name.